Boost your Amazon Sale? Beat your competitor? - Amazon Price Beater

Imara Software Solutions has built custom price beaters to increase sales of the Amazon Sellers according to their specific needs so that they can stay ahead in a highly competitive marketplace. Though there is a large variation of the price beaters built a few of the common features are listed below.

  • Connect the Amazon store and import all the products into the system.
  • Assign the cost, minimum and maximum price margin for each item.
  • Reprice your product price against the price of the buy box or lower price seller.
  • Listen for price change notifications by the competitors and immediately act on price changes.
  • Make sure the price won't go below the cost plus minimal profit margin.
  • Include or Exclude specific products for repricing.
  • Customization according to the customers' specific requirement.
  • The system will be hosted on the client's server. 
  • One time payment and no recurring charges or hidden costs.
  • Feature enhancement or support charges will be covered separately.

    • Amazon MWS API
    • PHP
    • MySQL
    • JQuery
    • Bootstrap
  • Client